Used Kinnarps 6231 Task Chair




The Kinnarps 6231 task chair has been a leading brand name for many years. High in comfort and  attractive in design it has ergonomically correct functions, not least it’s high performance for your money. With the well balanced movement from the Synchron tilt, the Kinnarps 6231 task chair provides lasting comfort all day long. Even when the chair’s tilt is locked, there is a flexible dynamic in the backrest. Sitting height, seat depth and backrest height are adjustable.

About Kinnarps


We have a responsibility to safeguard our planet for future generations. This involves everything from the raw materials we use to the way we design and manufacture our products. Throughout our supply chain, we select sustainable solutions. By choosing sustainable solutions, we contribute to making life better both at your workspace and for our environment as a whole. We call it The Better Effect.
A combination of our own test lab, vigorous production controls and international certifications guarantees a true promise of quality. Each piece of Kinnarps’ manufacture bears a market-leading warranty and quality par excellance. We love moderns technology and use it accordingly, but we also love the magic of human craftsmanship. When combined, we get beautiful products with both design and durability that can stand the test of time.

Kinnarps Design

From the drawing board stage onwards, we design the product to be ergonomic, with a design which takes into account – and includes – everyone. We create products which are flexible and can be adjusted to the people using them. We make sure our products’ component materials can be aggregated for easy recycling. we set high standards for the materials used in the manufacture of the product, to ensure a low environmental impact.

The Kinnarps Effect

With ergonomically optimised products which can be customised we create inclusive working environments where all people feel good. Products which can be used for a long time have a lower enviromental impact.

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