Used RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair

RH logic 400 ergonomic chair
RH logic 400 ergonomic chair

RH Logic 400 chairs available from stock, fully refurbished, worn parts replaced, fully re-upholstered.

About RH Logic 400

The RH Logic 400 Chair has height adjustable arms, pump up lumbar support, independent seat and back adjustable mechanism, a sliding seat and a height adjustable back. The amount of adjustments you can make to this chair to suit you will provide you with comfort all day long. Along with all of the other great features, the RH Logic 400 Chair available in any make or colour fabric you require.


Excellent chair design takes care of your body as you sit. For RH, design and ergonomics are two sides of the same coin. We design user-friendly chairs that help you to perform better throughout the working day.
RH is true to its roots in Scandinavian Design. From the 1950s onwards, designers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden created simple and functional products with high standards of material use and quality. The style, which was light and Nordic, aroused international attention. The designers of office and work chairs at RH are still working according to this tradition. They do not make compromises and as a result all superfluous design is cut out. What remains is an anatomical and functional chair that takes care of your body as you sit working hour after hour. Even though ergonomics is the most important aspect, RH knows that appearance is very important to everyone. We design chairs that you will want to sit in and that will fit perfectly into modern offices and meeting rooms.

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