Health And Wellbeing In The Office

The physical health of todays office staff is something any business has a stake in, as injury caused by inappropriate seating, or seating accessories, can lead to an employee taking time off work and having their efficiency hindered. Sit Stand desks, high quality task seating, foot rests and lumbar supports are now commonplace within the office. Staff are demanding their employers support them with the required accessories.

Any business looking to thrive will need to keep investing in its staff in ways that ensure they feel cared for and supported.

Below is the Senator Sprint Task Operator Chair which comes complete with the following accessories as standard

Height And Width Adjustable Arms.
Sliding Seat Adjustment,
Ratchett Back
Height Adjustment,
Syncro Action
Gas Lift Spindle

Senator Sprint Chair

Available at £125+ VAT in a range of fabrics and colours to suit your office.

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